Gifts are well received and appreciated, so the next time you want to thank a client, colleague, boss or employee, instead of writing them a simple note of thanks, give them a gift, "Audrey’s Rum Cake", it will not only be memorable for them, but will also create a lasting impression and create a good relationship when given with sincerity.

We will work closely with you to make sure that your gift arrives on time and that your recipient knows the difference when receiving one of our cakes!

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Please fill out all of the information provided below to ensure proper delivery. We simply ask for the sender information, size of the cake and a brief message to include to your recipient. If you would like to include your own personal logo, please mail a peel and stick copy to:   Audrey Green, 4463-D Ashton Rd., Sarasota FL 34233.
Thank You.
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